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IconicGreyOne Shop - is e-commerce, carrying out online sale and delivery of fashionable accessories.
For general questions about your order, please use the email where a number of knowledgable people will try to answer your questions directly at

For communication related to this website such as content submission, errors and website problems you can contact us at

If you want to track your order, you can write to us to support email and ask your order tracking number for your order number thats look like "Order #1080".

If you are having difficulty obtaining tracking information or with the use of a site to track - write to us at support. Usually it's shown within 3 days after shipping.

Be careful, because the tracking information is only given by mail, if the order came from your email address. Also, the tracking code will be available online after 1-5 days after ordering. We try to send all orders as quickly as possible, but almost does not always work as we would like. We try to do the maximum convenient service to our customers.